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Create sales materials and campaigns in a few clicks

Give your team autonomy without losing the visual identity of your company. Create campaigns and marketing materials both online and offline in a few clicks.

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Organize your data

Tradetools allows you to archive, organize and manage pictures, codes, descriptions, texts and videos of your products as well as of your company. We also offer the possibility to connect Tradetools to your database through APIs.

Tradetools Organize

Promote segmented campaigns keeping your communication integrated

With our dashboard you can monitor the productivity of your team and have performance metrics of materials and developed campaigns.

Tradetools Promova

Get productivity reports and material performance

With our dashboard you can monitor the productivity of your team and have performance metrics of materials and developed campaigns.

Tradetools Produtividade

Integrate with your CRM and with the client’s journey

Tradetools integrates through API with the main CRMs of the market, allowing the created materials to turn leads into business.

Tradetools Integre

Create assertively and engage your clients

Create business materials supporting the sale of products and for PDV. They can be digital or printed, always protecting your visual identity.

Corporate Communication
Point of Sale (POS)
Product's showroom
E-mail Marketing
Social Media Post
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Advantages of using TradeTools



By connecting the content and the personalized templates, we automate the creation process and allow the creation of different communication materials in just a few minutes.

Tradetools Agility


Besides the time that is saved to prepare the materials, with the decentralized creation the company reduces the costs and the logistics of the physical materials.

Tradetools Projects

Integration & CRM

Tradetools integrates your company’s database and allows the communication through API with other platforms, inclusive CRM. It allows to perform proactive actions and to turn opportunities into business.

Tradetools Integration


Monitor the production and the performance of your sales team in real time, through reports and a practical and complete dashboard.

Tradetools Performance


Manage images, texts, videos and other documents in your database with ease. You can import, export, and administer the whole content.

Tradetools Organization


Share your projects and images using our desktop or mobile app in digital platforms such as Whatsapp, E-mail, Facebook, and many others.

Tradetools Practicity


In just a few clicks, you can create, share, and have access to a complete report with all of your project metrics — be it an email marketing or PDF catalog.

Tradetools Practicity


Tradetools Materiais Consistentes

Create consistent materials

Tradetools allows the creation of business materials, sales support materials, for points of sale, in digital or printed formats.

Tradetools Campanhas Segmentadas

Segmented Campaigns

Define your team’s permissions basing on commercial rules and location. Make campaigns for specific regions or periods of time.

Follow the productivity

Manage and monitor your team’s productivity and prospecion.

Tradetools Organizar Ativos

Organize your assets

Manage in a single place the multichannel campaigns and the digital assets of your company (images, videos, docs, etc).

Tradetools Compartilhamento

Share from your mobile

Share your projects and images through outlets and social medias like Whatsapp, e-mail, Facebook and other platforms.

Tradetools Leads CRM

Leads and CRM integration

Store and organize leads, contacts and clients and integrate with CRM, keeping up with the client’s journey.

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